Why Invest in Kano



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GDP Per Capita


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1. Pro-Business Government Backing

Kano State provides a welcoming environment for private enterprise through public co-investments across priority sectors like agriculture, manufacturing and solid minerals.

2. Gateway to 20 Million Consumers

From its strategic Nordic location, Kano connects your brand directly to key prosperous markets in Nigeria, Niger, Ghana and Ivory Coast. Gain preferential access through trade partnerships.

3. Untapped Investment Potential

With rising consumer demand amongst a youthful population, Kano offers lucrative prospects within sectors like food processing, textiles, downstream hydrocarbons and telecom services

4. Stable Democratic Society

Backed by resilient governance institutions, Kano provides security for long-term capital investments and operations devoid of socio-political upheavals hampering continuity

5. Strategic Location On Key Northern Trade Routes

Kano links major population centres in Sokoto, Katsina, Jigawa and other Northern climes to the rest of Nigeria.

6. Thriving Commercial Environment

Kano remains the largest non-oil economy in the country with an estimated $12.39 Billion market size driven by commerce, manufacturing and subsistence agriculture

7. Wealth Of Natural Resources

A major producer of crops like rice, tomatoes, soybeans. We have a ton of fertile land for high-value cultivation.

8. Tax Exemptions And Other Investment Incentives