Real Estate

Who doesn't want to wake up seen one of the tallest and iconic buildings in the world at kano state?

The potentials for housing development in the State are very high. The State has an estimated population of 20 million, 65% of which are young and growing at 3.5% per annum. In addition, there is a huge influx of people from within and outside the country due to Kano’s strategic status as Northern Nigeria commercial and investment center. Urban population has been growing rapidly since the creation of the State in 1967. Housing delivery in the State has hitherto been largely public sector driven although, given the right incentives, the private sector has shown willingness to participate in housing projects.


The State Government has developed many housing program the most recent being the three different estates that have since been completed by the state government. However there is still a housing deficit of 250,000 units in Kano due to increases in income levels especially among the middle class, a growing urban population and the rapid transformation of rural towns into urban and semi-urban towns. To make up for the shortfall, the government under the State Housing Master Plan is providing incentives to encourage private developers to carry out residential and commercial development projects.

The state has reserved over 250,000 plots of land for mass housing and commercial development by investors through public private partnership