Privatization of Tiga Resort Project.

In line with the good intentions of the Kano State Government to expand the Tourism and Hospitality Industry in the State, major development Infrastructures are being established to ensure the Tourism and Hospitality industry thrives.
One of the major intentions of the State government is to attract willing and able investors to come and create new tourist sites, 5 – Star Hotels, and enhance the currently existing tourist attractions centers in the state to a world class standard while maintaining the rich cultural values of the State.
The Tiga Rock Castle Hotel is one of the largest resort areas in Kano. Located in Tiga town close to the famous Tiga Dam and other meaningful infrastructure is one among many tourist centers in Kano in which the State Government is looking for viable investors to come and invest in developing a world class resort center with all necessary amenities

Proposed Development :-

Total Land Size:-

Term of Privatization :-

Land Location:-

Kano South

Live Map Location of Tiga Resort Project

Tiga Rock Castle Hotels and its surrounding is more than a 100 Hectares of land with the flow of water from the Tiga Dam and just 28 KM to the Kano State City Center. It has always been a historic site where great leaders have used for recreational and business activities. Investing in the development of the Tiga Rock Castle Hotel into a standard resort center has a huge potential for profit and most importantly Kano State Economic Growth