Renewable & Sustainable Energy Kano

Whats better than seen Kano Lights ON 24/7, Surely, You are Invited.

Kano State Government invites investors across power sectors in the world to come in and invest through Public Private Partnership in power stability on electricity consumption balance. While it is a force of energy used all over the world,  our people have survived domestics without it but can not drive economy without it, the chances of new world of human race thriving without it is highly unlikely in Kano State.

Despite the large number of population, Households as well as the daily increase of Small Scale Industries, the state has NO state owned energy generating plant.  This makes the state only to rely on the National Grid which general a total of 5000MW for the whole country. Kano State require about 2000MW of energy to supplement its demand, but the state receive only 6% (300MW) from the total National Generation which leave a lot of economy down, businesses closed, households on total darkness. Investing in Power Generation, Transmitting and Distribution is going to create a huge ROI for investors Investing in the Power sector in Kano State


Surely, You are Invited