Meat Processing and Modern Abattoir

Considering the large population in Kano State especially the Kano metropolitan, which is the most dense has is sadly served by a most outdated manual abattoir with no equipment and an un-hygienic environment. The Ganduje Administration intends to change the scenario by tackling this bull by the horn, by providing a modern Halal Abattoir as in the practice in all advanced Islamic Countries within the lifetime of this administration.

Statistical Reasons for investing in Meat production in Nigeria and Kano State in Particular

The Good news for Investors

Presently, the state government has secured a land near the present site of existing Abattoir, for each delivery to retail outlets within Kano Metropolitan and environs. The new Abattoir is intended to be able to slaughter 800 cattle and 1500-2000 sheep/goat each hour shift. The scope and facilities is intended to replace the existing Abattoir with the larger capacity of healthily handled meat. It is also aimed at distributing the quality products to other parts of the country.

An assessment of the Kano State Abattoir showed that most of the facilities present were not in functional state and thus were graded either as poor of unsatisfactory. There is no regular supply of potable water and electricity. Water is usually obtained from truck pushers, who sell water from unidentified sources for carcass washing. Occasionally, the butchers sometimes was the carcass with water from within the drainage system of the slaughter hall.
From the justification, Kano Really deserves a most modern Abattoir.

Proposed Government Site Plan

Government proposed building plan