Legal and Judicial System

Kano State operates within the federal legal system of Nigeria governed by English common law practices. Property rights protections and avenues for fair legal recourse are upheld by Kano’s high court system, guided by the fundamentals of the 1999 Nigerian constitution.

Freedom to Invest

The Kano State government actively welcomes foreign direct investment and privatization across all major industries including manufacturing, agriculture, solid minerals extraction and services. No restrictions exist on the ownership structure or location of private investment projects.

Funds Repatriation

Nigeria’s flexible foreign exchange policies enabled by the Central Bank provide reassurance for foreign investors in Kano State. Full repatriation allowances cover investor profits, dividends, interests from approved loans as well as payments for contracts, royalties and management fees per Nigeria’s investment code.

Regulatory Framework

The Nigeria Investment Promotion Commission Act guides business establishment while the Kano State Investment Promotion Agency facilitates all investment matters including permits, land, taxation and coordination with municipal agencies. The Kano State Facilitation Centre assists new enterprises handle company registration, immigration needs and licensing requirements from one central location.  

Incentives offered to investors under national and state-level programs include attractive tax holidays, capital allowances, export expansion grants as well as customs duty waivers – over and above Nigeria’s already low corporate tax rates averaging under 25 percent.