Investment Infrastructure

Utilities Access

Kano State provides relatively affordable and consistent electricity, water and waste management utilities via state-run corporations overseeing upgrades to supply infrastructure.

Power Reliability

The Kano Electricity Distribution Company focuses on expanding energy generation and transmission systems to guarantee steady power access to commercial and residential customers at favorable rates.

Water Supply Abundance

Multiple water board networks like the Challawa River basin facility provide sustainable water pumping and reticulation services to ensure reliable access for production purposes across Kano’s investment zones.

Transport Connectivity

Kano handles majority freight traffic in northern Nigeria with road networks linking key cities and also connecting to major seaports. Ongoing transport infrastructure projects worth over $2 billion dollars seek to expand cargo rail and airport capabilities.  

Financial Sector Depth

Nigeria’s reforms increased Kano’s banking, investment capital and insurance service providers resulting in 13 reputable commercial banks operating in the state with appetite to fund viable agriculture, manufacturing ventures and trade partnerships.

Digital Advancement

Telecom carriers like Airtel and Glo rapidly expanded connectivity in Kano with over 10 million active internet subscribers. Tech hubs and collaborations with universities aim to support digital innovation and adoption.