Despite the estimated population of over 20 million people in the state, Kano has few public institutions of higher leaning and only one active private university. The state has active youth that takes about 65% of its estimated population ranging from 15 – 35 years all looking for a quality education. The state government in its effort and commitment towards the educational system reform, passes on a law that solidify to give a free and compulsory education to each and every child of lower educational level by paying  all their tuition fees, feeding, uniforms and of course providing all learning materials within an approved budget of N15B (USD 40 Million). The state has 44 local government areas but 90% of the public and private institutions of higher learning centers within the heart of the state between Gwale, Nasarawa, and Tarauni Local Government. This shows that people from the rest of the local government have to come do these local government in order to have their desired education.