Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Does KanInvest work with only foreign Investors?
No, KanInvest works with both local and foreign investors that are interested in establishing business in Kano State.
2. Does KanInvest finance projects?
No, KanInvest does not provide financing for investments. We facilitate investments by providing accurate information, problem solving techniques and document submission service in an effort to get investments operational in an efficient manner.
3. Does KanInvest only facilitate investments in the priority Sectors (Industrial, Commecial, Agricultural, Tourism Financial Services, Film Industry and Manufacturing?
No, KanInvest facilitates investments in areas outside the priority sectors; however, our marketing efforts are focused on attracting investments in the priority sectors.
4. Does KanInvest charge a fee for services rendered?
At Present Kaninvest does not charge any fee for the services that are provided, KanInvest measures its success based on the number of sustainable investments facilitated, the number of new jobs and improvements made to the investment climate.
5. Do you have Land resources for Agricultural Investment?
Land and Water resources: Kano's 1.8 million cultivable land and irrigation infrastructure could irrigate up to 400,000 hectares.
6. Do you have Minerals to explore?
Mineral resources: Availability of tapped and untapped mineral resources, especially, kaolin, clay, gold, uranium and various forms of stones, among others.
7. What Population size do you have?
Population: the growth population of around 12 million with 50% active and growing educated class.
8. What type of economy did you possessed?
International Trade: Favorable location for domestic, regional and international trade. Large markets: Dawanau is the largest food staple market. Sabon gari/Singer, the largest consumer goods market in the North, and other large markets for livestock, fruits and vegetables, building materials, spare parts, textiles, Commodity Exchange market, etc.
9. What area of skills do you need?
Skills: availability of variety of skills to support agricultural, manufacturing and service sectors.
10. What type of Infrastructure and products do you have?
Infrastructure: the availability of fairly good road networks in urban and rural area. Availability of Agro-processors: Kano has the largest concentration of agro processors in the country. These and other manufacturers are concentrated in four inductrial layout: Bompai, Sharada, Challawa and Tokarawa.